It’s never been
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for credit

ApplyPlus is the best online credit application tool for your business!

What is the ApplyPlus credit application digital tool?

The ApplyPlus tool enables credit applications to be wholly completed online, via your own company’s website. The fully customisable application is a White Label product integrating seamlessly with your site and carries your company’s own branding and terms & conditions.

ApplyPlus is expertly designed and maintained by CreditWorks’ own engineers based here in Auckland, New Zealand. With 25+ years of industry-leading experience in credit data, we will deliver the best solution, customised to meet the complex needs of your business in the simplest way.

Who can use ApplyPlus?

Our customisable tool can be used by any company in any sector but is particularly powerful for companies who may have greater management complexity, for example, multiple decision-makers across several branches or franchises.

Credit applications may be business to business, or business to customer/consumer.

The credit application process can be adapted across all sectors and for multiple customer profiles: Trusts, schools, incorporated societies, companies, individuals. It’s highly adaptable!

Bring in new business faster

Because no two companies are alike, ApplyPlus can meet the nuanced needs of your business, through customised engineering.

ApplyPlus can support the speed and ease of credit applications with unique features that automate the ‘back end’/off-line part of the credit application process. ApplyPlus will streamline and thus expedite approvals, meaning your customers can do business with you faster, and your team know what is in the pipeline.


ApplyPlus allows your potential customer to save time and effort by:

Linking to the Companies Office so that fields in the application can be pre-populated

Uploading identification such as Passports and Drivers Licences.

Avoiding any potential technical issues around supplying a signature online (because each applicant’s I.P. address is traceable for proof of identity)

Applying an application value threshold to Personal Guarantees, if required. For example, if the application is under a nominated threshold of $10,000, then the system will recognise that a Personal Guarantee is not required.

Gain efficiency and transparency throughout the application process by:

Automating the process that follows the online application by the customer, including:

  • Generating and returning the credit report straight from CreditWorks
  • Linking to the PPSR Register
  • Linking to your IT/accounting systems

Providing a dashboard showing the status of all applicants so that head office and regional offices can stay informed at all stages of the process.

Providing the option for applications to be sent to appropriate decision-makers who may be in varied locations (e.g. Branch or Area Managers).

Installing the product at Test Phase so that you can be sure the design fits your purpose before going live.

Value statement

The ApplyPlus product is superior to market competitors due to the fact it can be fully customised for your business, and because our engineers have designed interchangeable components that can be added as modules. This means you get the best of both worlds: a customised credit application tool without having to re-invent the wheel, saving time and cost on development.

Compared to designing a bespoke system, we charge a lower upfront design and installation fee, and a nominal transaction fee, for a product that has unprecedented functionality, automation and adaptability.

Put simply, with ApplyPlus you’ll spend less time and resource approving customers and more time working with new customers, sooner than ever before!

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