Who are our customers?


We’ve been working alongside New Zealand companies since 1998, providing comprehensive credit referencing between businesses, their customers and suppliers. Our commercial product platforms have been expertly developed in-house to meet a range of credit-related needs of businesses wanting to reduce risk and grow their bottom line.

We help Businesses:

  • Reduce their exposure to risk and make more informed decisions about who they’re trading with
  • Increase their share of market and share of customer spend
  • Increase cashflow and decrease amount written off
  • Consolidate their credit reporting
  • Onboard new customers easily and safely

Speak with one of our experienced team members today about how we can improve your credit referencing function and take the first step in optimising this crucial area of your business.


Exposure to risk comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re self-employed, a small business owner, a commercial landlord or a general consumer, there are varying levels of risk involved whenever you make a transaction with another entity, be they a business or an individual. CreditWorks is here to help individuals reduce that risk with products specifically designed to help you check the credit history of any person or entity quickly and easily.

We help Individuals:

  • Check the credit history of a company they are looking to buy products or services from
  • Reduce the risk around deposits and up-front payments
  • See the credit history of new customers or building tenants
  • Receive regular reports on a person or entity including any new credit alerts
  • View any interests lodged against a vehicle they are looking to buy

Ready to reduce your risk? Get started with CheckMate by Creditworks and start making informed decisions about who you do business with.

Search our comprehensive database to quickly find out the credit risk position of any New Zealand company.

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