Know how you’re
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Share of market

You know your customer’s spend with your business, but do you know how the figures stack up against the actual market potential? Without this information, you lack an objective benchmark for gauging retailer and sales performance. To succeed in a competitive market, you need to know how well you’re exploiting the potential for your product or service, both regionally and nationally.

How can you fairly assess retailer and sales rep. performance, and set realistic growth targets based on the available market potential? Where is the most potential in your market, and how well are you exploiting it? How can you hone in on local potential for your products and optimise your category management and POS strategy accordingly?

PLEASE NOTE: MarketWatch is currently available for the New Zealand Building Supplies Sector, and will soon also be available for the Electrical Sector. We hope to add additional industry segments very soon. 

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Share of wallet

MarketWatch by CreditWorks can provide your business with the information it needs to grow your customer accounts using up-to-date purchasing data.
Using CreditWorks’ comprehensive sales and credit data, MarketWatch shows you how much your customer is spending with your organisation in relation to the industry, identifying your market share to that of that customer’s total spend within the industry.

With the power of MarketWatch data, your Sales & Marketing teams can target individual accounts for growth based on insight, rather than relying on assumption-based tactics that may be costing you.

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