Consumer Credit

CreditWorks members have direct access out of CRISworks to Consumer Credit Reporting which allows you to check the details of the Directors (with their consent), in conjunction with our Company Credit Report. You’ll also have access to Consumer Credit Reports to assess the risk of individual Consumers, Directors, and Sole Traders. This reporting is through Equifax One Score – their latest and most predictive consumer credit score reporting.

One Score – Equifax’s most predictive credit score ever

Equifax One Score is designed to predict the risk of an individual becoming 90+ Days Past Due with account repayments. In the development of One Score, Equifax has included statistical and aggregated data elements to enable a meaningful and highly predictive score to be returned to credit providers even when there is little to no credit information otherwise available for an individual. Continuous access to such robust and highly accurate consumer data will allow you to better understand the people behind the organisation’s CreditWorks helps you decide who to do business with.

Key Benefits and Differences of One Score

Increased risk predictiveness: Reduced risk of bad debt

Enhanced revenue opportunities: Ability to leverage data and approve more credit applications

Enhanced transparency: Greater insight from Key Contributing Factors [KCFs]

Introduction of Key Contributing Factors [KCFs]: Clear and simple explanation of the main factors that contributed to the score returned

More informed decision-making: Allows credit providers to lend with enhanced confidence

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