Deep data gives Deeper Insights – Credit Report April Month-End

June 7, 2024

Sales data improved slightly in April but still down on last year when adjusted for inflation. What other trends are we seeing?

The payment performance data for April saw an improvement in 60 Days arrears – down 35bps month on month, but still above this time last year. In 90 Days arrears it’s a different picture with this increasing in April showing some harder debt evident in the market.

Our regular commentary on Industry Days Sales Outstanding, show a majority industries on the improve for year on year but again mixed results for month on month. Click here to view Industry DSO: New Link

Winding up Applications continue to hold up with IRD applications decreasing slightly. When reviewing this data set, we need to take into account the lag period caused by the Covid pandemic government stimulus. Given the historically low levels of liquidations in 2020, and the follow on “Sugar” effect some companies avoided liquidation. In 2024 we are seeing a catch-up where the stimulus has ended and the current economic environment is leading to more insolvencies.

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Please note that due to the vast amount of data required to produce these reports, most of which is accessed from a multitude of external sources, there is an inevitable time delay in their generation. However we prefer to defer their publication in favour of ensuring greater accuracy.

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