New Hand on the Helm – Credit Report Oct Month-End

December 5, 2023

Our monthly Market Insights Report based on 31 October data is out now. What’s new this month post-election as New Zealand puts the election behind us we are starting to see some ‘slight’ upward sales data in some segments. Time will show if this is a trend or a catchup on sales delayed due to the election. View the report to get the full picture.


Ones to watch through the next three to four months is Retail and Hospitality, who both need a strong festive season – can this be done without stoking inflation?

Debtor Arrears increased from September data in many industries, if this continues in November data then we will see a new trend developing. As a key indicator jump to page 28 of Insights to view the Vendor Industry DSO – there’s a lot more red than green compared to our September data.

Our Insights Report continues to grow with additional analytics. To make navigating the report you can now click on sections in the Contents Page to navigate start to the section you need.


CreditWorks Group holds New Zealand’s largest trade database, and we have the very best view of commercial credit performance from civil/foundations through the entire building process to fitout and finish. Discuss with us today how we can help you with comprehensive credit reporting and monitoring of your customers. Our goal is to help you grow sales while minimising risk.


Please note that due to the vast amount of data required to produce these reports, most of which is accessed from a multitude of external sources, there is an inevitable time delay in their generation. However we prefer to defer their publication in favour of ensuring greater accuracy.

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