CreditWorks AlertMe lets you Keep an Eye on any NZ Company with Ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

January 14, 2022

CreditWorks is pleased to announce the launch of AlertMe – its easy and cost-effective tool for ongoing monitoring of a company across the duration of your business relationship.

We all understand the importance of doing a commercial credit check at the outset of each new business relationship, but it’s equally important to continue these checks throughout the lifetime of the relationship.

Circumstances change, and not always through a company’s own doing. The customer you onboard today, most likely won’t be the same customer in a number of months or years. They may have grown, taken on more debt, been the victim of bad-debt, poor administration, or have simply experienced a change in market conditions that has adversely affected their ability to meet their business commitments.

Now you can manage your risk with ongoing Monitoring & Alerts

By signing up to AlertMe Monitoring services, CreditWorks can provide you with an immediate alert the moment a company you deal with shows signs of potential distress.

To find out more about AlertMe, speak with a member of the CreditWorks team today

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